We sent in the paperwork for Isaac’s passport today, in preparation for a September visit to daddy’s homeland in the great white north. 

True to our oh-so-brief experience, everything with a newborn takes much more time and is much harder than you think it should be.  It took us three different stops to find someone who knew what the hell they were doing in taking infant passport photos.  Word to you mothers:  don’t mess around, go directly to Costco.  (Though a tip o’ the hat to the guys at Fred Meyer, who had a great attitude despite failing.  And a wag o’ the finger to the clerks at Rite Aid, who muttered from two aisles over without looking at me, “I don’t know how.”  There is a reason that store is going under.)  The secret is a carseat with a white towell or blanket over it.  We bought the blanket at Costco.  Waking him up proved to be a separate challenge.

We cursed our way through rush hour traffic to hit the passport office before it closed, expecting a close call getting the passport back in time for our trip, even with expedited shipping.  We instead learned that the office was open a half hour later than expected, and that a passport was not needed for land travel to Canada.  Daddy research fail. 

On the plus side, we spared ourselves a similar rush and potentially much more disasterous consequences in two months when we travel to France.  With a three month old.  That’s right.  We recently had friends travel to Europe with a four month old, and it opened a new horizon for us.  I polled my momma online chat group, and got a consensus, “you won’t be getting any sleep, you might as well not get any sleep in France.” 

Wiser words never spoken.  Tickets booked.  And now we’ll have his passport in plenty of time.  🙂