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Oh, my child, where to begin?  You. are. awesome.  You’re now brightening our lives with big toothless smiles, laughs, and “conversations.”  Nights can still be a bit rough, but after a 5:00am gassy session, when you look up at your daddy with a big grin and some oooohs! and nnn-gaaas!, he can’t help but encourage you when mommy would prefer you to go back to sleep.  You’re getting better at nights now.  Usually you’ll sleep 7pm – 12am, then up again at 3am and 5am, before finally getting up for the day around 7am.  Naps if we are lucky are one 45 minute morning nap, and two 1.5-2 hour naps

You sure do need to sleep a lot, but fight it like mad.  I swear 90% of our time is now spent rocking, pacing, jiggling, shushing you to sleep.  These sessions usually involve endless frustration as I watch you blissfully close your eyes, and 5 minutes later, there you are wide eyed and watching.  I’m trying to convince you if you just let this sleep business happen quickly, we can spend that time playing instead.

You do love to play.  Your favorite games are “conversations,” cheek-kisses, bringing your hands to your mouth, and push-ups off mommy’s chest to see the world.

You also are definitely your own man.  You let out a solid yell when you are not getting what you want.  Not a cry – a yell – hey!  Pay attention to me!  It could mean you are ready for a nap, or that you want daddy’s attention.  We appreciate the direction.

You also have me absolutely terrified.  Three times now we have headed to the hospital because you have stopped breathing for 20-30 seconds and turned blue.  Don’t. do. that.  This last time was the worst, when I thought for a minute you had died.  You see, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with you.  I don’t want another baby, I want you!  I want to continue to smile, talk, laugh, cuddle, shush you, just you.  I want to watch you grow up.  I can’t wait until you discover bugs, and apple cider, and football.  I need to have our first fight, hear you give me attitude, as you are guaranteed to do given your strong personality.  I need to look up at you as you tower over me.  I need you, to grow up.

Happy 2 months (well, 10 weeks!), Isaac.  Now let’s go for 3 months and many more…


I’m sitting here typing this post in the car, parked in the JoAnn Fabrics parking lot. With the engine running.

When Shawn and I talked about having a baby, we were pretty specific about our ideas on parenting. We both have friends that let their children limit their lives… They rarely go out, and talk about how they can’t get anything done.

Not us. We were going to get *our* child used to sleeping through the thick of things. Sure enough, we put him down to nap right in the middle of the living room, kept a radio going, and lived life close to everyday volume. We went out to restaurants and stores immediately, worrying only about how to discreetly feed him when he got hungry. And don’t forget, we bought our tickets to Europe before he was even born, because, you know, a young baby will just sleep as we sightsee.

We were quite clear on the type of baby we would have. Isaac, it turns out, is not that baby.

We learned a lot more about Isaac during his recent hospital stay than just health issues. Suddenly in the relatively lower stimulation of the four walls of his hospital room, Isaac was sleeping all the time… Up to 2 hours at a time during the day, awake only 2 hours, then back again. What’s more, he was sleeping dramatically better at night.

You see, Isaac is not *our* baby. He is a completely independent individual with his own needs, temperament, and personality. And his royal highness has decreed that naps are serious business worthy of respect.

And so the crunchy Seattle environmentalist who recycles, composts, grows veggies, and cloth diapers finds herself sitting in a running car in the parking lot to respect the sanctity of the in-progress nap. This madness can not continue, but given his recent scare, I’m apt to indulge him a little longer. I’m sure we’ll get to a balance sooner or later.

In the meantime, we’re really enjoying learning about this new very strong personality who has joined our family… Where he finds joy, wonder; what makes him angry, frustrated; and how our lives can merge.

And now I need to decide whether to actually go into JoAnn’s, or turn around and drive back home. That’s 15 more minutes on the nap…